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Gong Journey : Sound Meditation with Ed Cleveland


A gong journey is where participants assimilate in a relaxing position so that they can allow the healing sound vibrations of the gong to pass over them bringing a sense of overall peace and ease.

Physiological benefits of sound therapy:
-stress reduction
-release of healthy hormones 
-strengthening of willpower
-boost of creativity

Invest in yourself and join us for an experience you'll never forget.

Early Bird by Tuesday October 29th: $25
Regular Rate: $30

Ed Cleveland is a Reiki and Sound Teacher, combining indigenous sound instruments. Combining with Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuromusicology, and Psychophysiology. Acoustic Designer of Soundscapes using the high, low, ascending, descending pitch, intervals, and inversion, thick, and thin in harmony with crescendo, or diminuendo’s to open the imagination and intellect.