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Sound Healing Training: Introduction to the Gong with Ed Cleveland

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The gong is a complex and powerful sound healing instrument. During this full-day hands-on program, led by Ed Cleveland, a certifed Sound Healing Trainer and owner of The Ed Cleveland School of Reiki Sound Healing Training Center, you will learn:

*about a brief history of the gong

*about the theory behind sound healing

*various playing techniques to create different and unpredictable sound patterns and induce healing and induce meditative states using the gong.

*how to choose which mallets to use in order to produce specific sounds.

*to train your ears in order to deepen your listening skills and mindfulness.

Instruments are provided in this day of Gong Training, but you can bring your own if you wish..

Your Investment $250 for this day

Upon completion you will be reward a certificate of completion.

Learning to play the gongs is a complex undertaking and this course is an introduction to the craft. If there is enough interest, this class may lead to further gong sound trainings at Mountain View Wellness.