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Jill Andrzejewski

Jill has always had an interest in helping people realize their full potential making them feel more empowered. Jill is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki II practitioner; she is a graduate of The Cortivea Institute, Westport campus, formally known as The Connecticut Center For Massage Therapy and studied Reiki I and Reiki II at The Rock Garden, Branford, with Reiki Master Teacher, Carol Monnerat. Jill also creates wire wrapped Reiki charged crystals and jewelry items, peace gardens and other various goods! Her latest passion is the Circle of Sacred Energy, where Jill and Andrew come together to use the power of Reiki and crystal grid energy to help you feel renewed and recharged.

 Jill instills her positive attitude and energy into her clients through massage and Reiki, a Japanese energy based healing technique for stress reduction and relief that encourages healing. It brings her great joy to offer services that have so many benefits while helping people improve their overall well-being.  

 Jill has an office located at Mountain View Wellness where she provides various Massage and Reiki services to aide in eliminating discomfort, facilitating greater range of motion and relaxation.