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Kristen Marie Williams 

Kristen Marie Williams is a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher. After having her son, a preemie at 26 weeks, Kristen was given a unique experience and perspective that now guides her life. She had to slow down, narrow her attention and grow, emotionally and spiritually. Kristen learned to look at the edges of herself and soften, to open where she was closed and explore new space within herself that required her to level up. All of this led her to develop a deeper relationship with spirit and selfcare, specifically through Kundalini Yoga. Kristen Marie received her 200 hr KRI Level One Aquarian Certification. Kristen Marie has also received her Level 2 Certification in Shamanic Energy Medicine.  

Kundalini Yoga is based in the belief that you have an infinite connection to the universe beyond the five sense. Once you tap into the Kundalini (energy located at the base of the spine) and activate this energy, you deepen your "star sight" (third eye chakra) and are able to live your life from this intuitive state. You will no longer seek answers, rather the answers will be known. During each class we will practice postures (known as kriyas)  breathwork, mantra (chanting), & mudra (hand positioning).