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Marie Menut RN, integrates the use of traditional holistic touch therapies with sound. Her love of the Tibetan Singing Bowls led her to the concept of this wonderful modality. Marie’s gift of healing evokes a sense of well being and relaxation in her clients. Healing sessions with Marie before and after surgery help to facilitate an improved recovery. She also finds animals respond positively to her sound and healing touch treatments.

Marie Menut had been doing hands-on healing with a group of holistic healers before she began her career as registered nurse. As a nurse she specialized in geriatric nursing, becoming certified in physical rehabilitation nursing (CRRN) in 1986. She joined the American Holistic Nurses Association in 1991, learning Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch from Delores Krieger, Ph D, RN and Dora Kunz and Energetic Healing before becoming a Reiki Master.

Marie discovered Tibetan Singing Bowls in 1994. She studied with Richard Rudis and Mitch Nur, becoming a Master Healer. Marie studied Tibetan Medicine and Tibetan Buddhism at the Menla Institute in Avon in 2000 – 2001. She began volunteering her Tibetan Singing Bowl services in Hartford Hospital when she retired from active nursing in 2002. Marie began teaching Vibrational Healing Using Tibetan Singing Bowls at Hartford Hospital in August 2006. She has taught well over 200 people her techniques in various colleges and hospitals, including Connecticut Valley Hospital.

Marie teaches classes in Vibrational Healing at the Cellular Level Using Tibetan Singing Bowls at her Vibrational Healing Center in East Hartford, CT, where she sees her patients. She will also be teaching Vibrational Healing at the Cellular Level Using Tibetan Singing Bowls at Mountain View Wellness on Tuesdays from 6 pm - 9pm starting on March 19th. Marie travels to nursing homes, various facilities and makes house calls as needed. She is available to speak to groups and to present meditations with these instruments. Marie also offers private and group instruction in the use of Himalayan Sacred Sound Instruments including the Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tingshaws, Bells (Ganta) and Dorji, as well as Gongs. Tibetan gongs are used with the bowls and tingshaws in “Gong Baths.”

Marie offers her services for Bowl Concerts, Meditations, Space clearings, and Weddings, as well as other ceremonies.

Have bowls will travel.

In support of her holistic beliefs, Marie belongs to the following organizations: