Angles & Curves, Art & Yoga Connect

My idea for this blog came about not just from my classes, but from my love of the quality of light this time of year. The tilt of the earth creates the angle of the sun which slowly, day by day is bringing us into winter, allowing our part of the earth to sleep-as it must. I also was inspired by a conversation with a colleague who created the lovely painting you see accompanying this post. While in China, she took a painting class. The angle of the brush is paramount to the creation of the specific lines, curves and shapes. This artwork is hanging in her classroom. How wonderful it is for her students to see it.My 30th year of teaching has begun coinciding with my first year of teaching yoga.

Coming Home to The Heart

This week’s guest blogger and Mountain View Community Member Traci Hodes writes about the meaning of self-compassion and ways we can cultivate self-compassion in our everyday lives. Read on.

Finding Your Tribe

Just last weekend, I began my second year of my Interspiritual/Interfaith Ministry program at One Spirit Learning Alliance.  In just 9 months, I will be an ordained minister. As I sat on the train, I pondered what this next year will bring! Further exploration of spiritual concepts, learning and designing ceremonies, worship services and spiritual practices and writing my vows of ministry.

Just a few years ago, I started a quest.  I did not realize what I was looking for, and it wasn’t that I didn’t love my life, my friends or my family.  I enjoyed my job, respected the organization I worked for and had wonderful co-workers.

Something was missing.  Everything felt flat, my hobbies of arts and crafts no longer fed my soul.   By pure chance, I stumbled upon an interspiritual community in Monroe, and my life changed.  Suddenly, all the questions I had in my mind about the meaning of life, were questions I found others asking as well.  In a community of like-minded, non-judgmental individuals I began an exploration and a journey to my own authentic nature. Read more.

My Dream of Making a "Third Place" for My Community

Part of my vision is to  create a physical and virtual infrastructure to help wellness practitioners come together, offer their programs, and follow their dreams.  Whether it be Reiki, Sound Healing, Yoga, Mindfulness, or Crystal Grids, I am so happy to be of service to the many wellness practitioners who now call Mountain View Home.  Another part of my vision for Mountain View is to create a physical space for the community to learn about wellness together, in person. Learn more