I AM Present! I am here now!- Guest Blog Post from Kellie Codianna from Divinely Rooted

Kellie and her family celebrating her dad’s birthday party.

Kellie and her family celebrating her dad’s birthday party.

Mountain View Wellness has invited members of our Mountain View Family to be guest bloggers on our site. The wellness practitioners are invited to post anything of interest to them. Kellie Codianna of Divinely Rooted is our first guest blogger and we are excited to have her share her story. Read on to learn about Kellie’s transformation.

When I first began Yoga in 1994 at Pace University as a PE elective, I was amazed at the mental clarity and confidence I felt for the very first time in my whole life. I grew up in a tiny little town in CT with divorced parents from age one. The house I grew up in was in a wonderful community where everyone knew one another and there were a lot of kids my age. At times I felt ike I had a couple adopted families who took me in. That was a wonderful thing because home life was chaotic and I felt lucky to have places to go for respite! In my home life, money was always an issue and not until the past couple years have I began to realize that Money Mindset is a REAL thing and that it truly takes a sense of focus to shift into believing what I have to offer is valuable! I knew I wanted to be successful with a purpose to help people feel healthy. I thought Nursing was the path I would take, as my Allied Health teacher in High School saw how passionate and attentive I was to learning about the body. In college, I took my first Psychology class and the study of the mind absolutely fascinated me. When I switched from Nursing to Psychology people thought I was making a horrible decision. I thought to myself money does not equal success and following my heart was most important.

Immediately after graduating with a BA Psychology, I birthed my son and kept my job working in a group home for adults with Autism while my son was a baby. I got back on the mat and had my home practice with Patricia Walden and Rodney Yee on 6 VHS DVD’s. In this time, I realized Yoga brings mind and body together.

In 2003, Kim Valeri of Yoga Spirit Studios showed up at the studio a mile from my home offering a Yoga Teacher Training that fit my schedule! It was meant to be because I knew Yoga is truly my dharma (life’s work). After teaching every single age from 2-96 over the past 14 years, I realize the 40 plus group is my gift. At this age, the body begins to change and I love to help people re-awaken to their new potential. I am now a Certified Yoga Therapist with International Association of Yoga Therapists ie: C-IAYT. This is a level of professionalism that stepping into a new money mindset of loving myself enough to give myself a raise. THIS IS HARD WORK FOR ME!

Currently, I am specializing in Yoga Therapy for Anxiety, Yoga Therapy for Back Pain and Healthy Aging. These are areas that I feel fully confident to guide and assist healing and moving through energetic and physical blocks to regain their self confidence. Always living within my means, never over spending, (my Dad taught me well), I have managed to never acquire debt. I have lived better than hand to mouth, yet never felt solid in my financial situation.

Next month, in October, it will be 1 year since I have received my Yoga Therapy Certification. As I reflect over the year, I look at how far I have come in my business. I will always love to teach Yoga classes. The beauty of watching the energy flow when people in the room are in sync is a magical feeling. I now have a new love of bringing a small group of 2-6 people or a completely private session with one person. I am a Yoga Therapist to BE FULLY present to what mental and/or physical issues people are experiencing and assisting them through their healing process. I have been having some profound experiences with people coming to do therapy work. I am honored and grateful for those that show up to do the work on their yoga mat with choosing me as their guide. Being that I cannot take insurance, it takes time to get to this place and when you are, I am here for YOU.

In Gratitude,

Kellie Codianna