What is Qigong and what are the benefits of this practice?

In this practice we will spend time with gentle, mindful movement, breathwork, self-massage, and meditation. This class is perfect for those seeking to slow down, relax, and strengthen their body's innate ability to heal itself.

According to Dr. Denise Nagel, the health benefits of Qigong come,"both by supporting the body's natural tendency to return to balance and equilibrium and also gently yet profoundly creating strength, flexibility and balance in the muscles and joints through gentle flowing movements. This is the winning combination: body and mind. The physical and mental practice continuously supports the return to balance."

Qigong can help support your immune system, strengthen your bones and muscles, and empower you to take better care of yourself.

Qigong can be experienced in a chair as well as standing.
No previous experience with Qigong necessary.

Our Qigong classes are offered on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:30 am– 7:30 am.

Classes will be led by Julie Bailis. With years of experience teaching yoga, meditation, and practicing reflexology, Julie makes Qigong accessible to all and is able to connect Qigong elements to students’ various backgrounds and experiences with mind-body therapies. She is a certified Tai Chi Easy Group Leader and a student of Daisy Lee, founder of Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong, Level III Advanced Qigong Instructor and Clinical Practitioner by the National Qigong Association of America, as well as being a past board member on the International Qigong Science Association in Beijing.