Are you a Hamden High School Senior
going into the field of Wellness?


If so, you might be the first recipient of the Mountain View Wellness Scholarship ($200).

PURPOSE: Mountain View Wellness is a Wellness Center located in Hamden, CT. Mountain View Wellness hosts a monthly Small Business Scholarship. We are a group of wellness professionals (yoga teachers, qigong teachers, meditation teachers, mindfulness therapists, reflexologists…) and we meet monthly to build our businesses and to grow professionally. Each month we host a speaker who shares their area of expertise (website building, social media, podcasts, linked in…). We believe in the power of small business and the empowerment that wellness has on our individual clients and students. We would like to encourage Hamden High School students to follow their dreams and pursue studies in the field of wellness.

CRITERIA: Eligible students must be graduating Hamden high school seniors who intend to continue their education in the field of wellness. Students can use the scholarship money towards wellness trainings and workshops (yoga teacher training, qigong training, meditation workshops…) as well as college studies.

GUIDELINES: Applications may be emailed as a single, multi-page PDF attachment (no other file format accepted) to by June 12 (subject line: Mountain View Wellness Scholarship). The recipient of the scholarship will be notified via email by June 20th.

AMOUNT: The scholarship awarded will be $200.00 which will be disbursed as a one-time payment, in August, directly to the student’s accepted university.

Write a 500 – 1,000 words answering the following questions.
What does wellness mean to you?
Why do you want to pursue further study in the field of wellness?
What will you be using your scholarship money towards and why?

How to Submit your Application

Answer the above questions and email to via a Word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf). Please also include the following details:

  • “Scholarship Submission” as the email subject

  • Personal Details (Full Name, Phone, Address and Email)

  • Where you will be studying

  • Area of Study

  • Any document which can prove that you are a Senior at Hamden High School