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Yoga for Back Pain
Mondays 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Small group session limited to 6 people Beginning Dec. 3 - Feb. 25.

Do you have back pain?  I can help you!  Small group session limited to 6 people. Starting December 3rd and ending January 28th . Email Kellie to save your spot.

Mountain View Wellness (New business, previously Studio YEMM).  
4193 Whitney Ave.  Hamden, CT  06518  (Very close to Cheshire line.)

7 sessions for $30 per session = $210
5 sessions for $35 = $175
3 sessions for $40 per session = $120 


Must do a minimum of 3 sessions.

 Contact Kellie if you would like a payment plan.  

Message Kellie for a complimentary 15 minute phone consult if you have not worked with me in the past.  


~ Body analysis

~ Breathing analysis and awareness for anxiety, balancing and uplifting energy.

~ Learn to problem solve and heal your aches and pains in mind and body using Yogic tools.

~ Svanasana with Reiki: 10 mintues 

 Shift into a new persepctive and see obstacles as opportunities for growth and change!


About Your Instructor:

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Kellie Codianna


I am Kellie at Divinely Rooted and I have been teaching Yoga full time since 2004.    I am passionate about helping people feel well in their minds and bodies. I believe the breath and visualization with attention to detail of alignment can heal pain from within.   

I struggled with drug addiction over 20 years ago and my healing journey through Yoga helped shift my perspective on many obstacles that have crossed my path.  Yoga embodies my passion for mental, physical and spiritual health and well-being. In 2008, after an ice skating accident, I struggled with nagging back pain on and off for a number of years.   I spent many hours watching videos, reading and practicing how to heal back pain and can say the ache in my back has been gone for a steady year.

In 2017, I received my Yoga Therapy Certificate with IAYT.  International Association Of Yoga Therapists. Now being

C-IAYT, I will be shifting from teacher to therapist.  With dignity, I am honored and humbled for each unique being that chooses to step on their Yoga mat with me.  I bring practical solutions to common problems, all the while using Yogic Practices to help people realign themselves to their truth and destiny.

To learn more about Kellie go to her website:

Find and sign up for Kellie's classes, check out the MVW calendar here.