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Wednesdays . 9:30 am

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In this class we will learn ways in which yoga can help us age with grace and help us lead a life of health and continued well-being. We will focus on strength, flexibility, balance, stress management, and mental and physical health. Modifications of postures will be demonstrated and encouraged.

All levels of experience welcome.

This class is inspired by the book, “Yoga for Healthy Aging,” by Baxter Bell, MD and Zina Zolotow.

This class is taught by Julie Bailis. .

Drop-in's are $18.08.  You can purchase a drop-in class here or pay before class.
You can also purchase a 5-class ($14/class +tax))  10-class card ($13/class + tax)) online or in person before class.

This class is taught by Julie Bailis.  If you have any questions, email Julie at

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Julie Bailis


Julie is a Registered Yoga Teacher, National Board Certified Reflexologist, and the owner of Mountain View Wellness. She loves sharing her love for yoga with others and finds joy in learning with and from her students. Julie’s classes are typically slow, student-centered, and a practice of “feeling” rather than striving to look a particular way. Julie emphasizes practicing surrender, mindfulness, letting go of control, and practicing non-judgment. She often helps her students take lessons learned on the mat and encourages them to apply these lessons practically to their real lives. All levels welcome. Come and practice with Julie!

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