FAQ's  for Wellness Seekers

How is Mountain View different from a typical yoga studio?

First of all, we offer more than yoga!  All teachers at Mountain View are independent wellness practitioners. They are experienced and ready to offer their programs on their own.  Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Crystals, Sound Baths, you name it.  If it isn't on the calendar now, chances are it will be on the calendar soon.  Mountain View Wellness is a place for those curious about learning.  Programs are always being added to the schedule so check in often, and feel free to sign up for the Mountain View newsletter to keep up-to-date on the latest Mountain View events and programs.

How do I pay? 

Mountain View Wellness is a wellness center where all of the teachers are independent wellness practitioners.  If you are interested in attending a particular class or program, look it up on the Mountain View calendar and find out more under the programs description. There you should be able to learn about the cost of the program and ways to pay.  Payment always goes to the teacher offering the program. 

Can I get a membership?

Since teachers decide on and collect their own fees, payment goes to the individual teachers.  There is no Mountain View Membership.  However, some teachers do sell class passes/cards so be sure to ask your teacher about such offerings.

What are some of the benefits of offering my program at Mountain View?

  • The Space Mountain View offers a fully-equipped yoga studio, centrally located in Northern Hamden, close to New Haven, and Hartford, and easily accessible from Route 10/Whitney Avenue, Route 15, and Route 91. The views from the studio are scenic throughout the year and the spacious and immaculate studio makes it possible for you to share your program with many others.
  • Timing You choose the time and the dates.  If you are teaching a weekly class/series, you are free to begin and end the series when it is convenient for you.  No need to get a sub.  Just let your students know and they will be sure not to come on those days.  No more stories about how disappointed they were when they had a sub and not you . No last-minute rushing to find a sub to cover your class either! 
    • For practitioners offering 1/2 day, full day, and multi-day programs, the space is yours (depending upon availability, of course).  We have one studio and when you rent that space, it is all yours.  No need to hear the noise of classes around you.  Take your time and make yourself at home!
  • Content You teach what you want to teach. You tailor your program for your participants. Boost up your social media game with teasers about what you will be teaching!
  • Loyalty Many teachers that teach at Mountain View either have a loyal following or are working to build a following. Their students are interested in their teachers' offerings and want more than a "generic" class. 
  • A Wellness Community  By offering your program at Mountain View Wellness, you become part of an ever-growing community of wellness practitioners and avid wellness seekers, all seeking to grow and learn about the world around us. 

How much will it cost to rent space at Mountain View?

If you are interested in offering your program at Mountain View and would like to learn more about the space and the rates, please fill out a rental request form.  Julie will be in touch soon. 

*We strongly recommend that you reserve the dates for your program at least 4 weeks before the start date in order to give yourself time to prepare and promote.

Will Mountain View promote my event?

When hosting a program, class, or event at Mountain View, you have the option to purchase an online promo package. There is a one-time fee for the online promo package.  This cost covers the logistics of getting your info (headshot, bio, and program info) online.  There will be a smaller maintenance fee for subsequent events/programs. If you would like to know more about the rates, please fill out a rental request form  and you will hear from Julie soon.

What if I would like my program to be private and closed to the public?

If you would like to keep your program private, you simply pay the rental fee to Mountain View and that's it!

Do I need to purchase a card or membership to become part of this community?

No, membership necessary.  Just come to our events and programs, offer your own programs here, get to know others, and connect with other like-minded individuals. Let your ideas flow, expand your learning, and continue to be curious. Buy a t-shirt if you'd like :). We at Mountain View Wellness are creating a wellness community, not simply a rental space service.